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Probate and Administration of Estates

What do you do? What can you do? Perhaps you’re the nominated executor/trustee. Before you do anything, before you tell the bank, before you accept your appointment, get legal advice. Don’t do something you might regret, make informed decisions.

Wills & Estate Planning

Ensure your estate is structured to provide maximum benefit and flexibility to those you love and is managed effectively and efficiently. It incorporates asset protection, structures for minimising tax and strategies for vulnerable beneficiaries. For confidence and peace of mind, contact us. What is a ‘living will? Enduring Powers of Attorney and Appointments of Enduring Guardians are an important part of the process.

Claims Against the Estate

Have you been unfairly left out of a will? Or are you a trustee or administrator and someone is claiming to be entitled to provision from the estate. What do you do?

Validity of Wills

Perhaps you have an ageing parent who is suffering Alzheimers or dementia and needs to make a will. Perhaps the person is your partner. Can they make a will? Do they have testamentary capacity? Perhaps you are concerned about your own failing health. Is there a solution? What can be done?

Elder Abuse

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About Keith Spencer and Arch Law

Keith Spencer has over 35 years of experience as a lawyer. He enjoys helping higher net worth individuals address and provide certainty and peace of mind for themselves and their families in the event of unforeseen illness or accident and ultimately their passing.

Arch Law Australia brings together over 50 highly experienced lawyers and advisors in the UK and Australia who work collaboratively and focus on providing high-quality legal solutions utilising leading-edge technology.

Financial Solutions

Keith also works with Lawform to provide the best solutions for your financial needs. This could be for
. Residential, commercial, or investment property,
. Commercial equipment finance and leasing, or
. Debt restructuring and consolidation
. Self-employed – ABN < 2 years and low doc loans
Perhaps you have a credit issue as a consequence of illness, death, or something else beyond your control.

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We work with financial planners, advisors and accountants to provide highly personalised, strategic advice to deliver security and maximise benefits.

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